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Would you like to firm your biceps – and see a little ripple when you flex your arm? You don’t need to join a gym to build great biceps. You can do it without leaving the comfort of your home. It helps if you make the investment in a set of dumbbells, but water bottles filled with water can substitute for weights when you first start out. Another option is to use resistance bands to add resistance to a home biceps workout. Here are two of the best exercises to build biceps – without going to the gym

The curl is one of the very best exercises to build biceps – and no biceps workout is complete without it. When choosing a weight (assuming you’re using barbells), choose one that’s a challenge to lift by the ninth or tenth rep. You should feel fatigued by your twelfth repetition. Don’t go too heavy on the weight, since the biceps is a small muscle group. You can always work up to heavier weights over time.

To do a biceps curl, stand with your feel shoulder width apart, with your knees slightly bent and palms facing inward. Holding the weights in each hand, use the strength of the biceps to raise the weights up to shoulder level while rotating the palms inwards. Do each curl slowly and avoid swinging the weights, which will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.



For even more focus, curl one arm at a time – really focusing in on the move. Do three sets of twelve before taking a two minute rest. Repeat this exercise no more than three days a week, and increase the weight when the exercise becomes less challenging.

Best Exercise to Build Biceps: Variations on the Biceps Curl

Once you’re comfortable with the biceps curl, vary the move by changing the angle of your arms when you do the curl. Bring your elbows in close to your body and angle your arms out. Now, curl towards your chest using slow and controlled movements. A hammer curl is another variation of the same exercise where you keep your palms turned inwards throughout the entire curl. This works the forearm more than traditional biceps curls. Be sure to use control and lower the weight slowly. Letting the weight down in a slow and controlled manner challenges the muscle fibers more.

Building Biceps at Home: Add Some Chin-ups

This is a challenging exercise, particularly if you’re a female, but it firms the biceps as well as the upper back. To do this, invest in a chin-up bar that fits into a doorway. These are available at most sporting goods stores. To work the biceps, place your hands close together with palms facing towards you and slowly lift your body up above the bar – and let yourself down in a controlled manner. It takes practice, particularly for a beginner – but the results are worth it.

Building Biceps at Home: The Bottom Line?

The biceps curl, in all of its variations, and chin-ups are all that’s needed to build beautiful biceps at home. The key is to do these exercises three times a week, resting the biceps for at least twenty-four hours between sessions. Gradually increase the resistance as the curls become easier – and soon you’ll have enviable biceps