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7 Fitness Equipments for Strength Training at home

You don’t need a gym membership to remain in peak physical condition. If you want to build strength at home without traditional gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells, consider these seven incredibly effective alternatives.

  1.     Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar is one of the best things you can own to build strength. Whether you’re using it for pull ups, chin ups, knee raises, or more advanced movements like one-handed chin ups, you’re sure to see improvement. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, often known for pumping iron, has been quoted as saying that pull ups played an important role in building his physique.

  1.     Kettlebells

Resembling a cannonball with a handle, kettlebells are a Russian import that have recently become popular in the West, and for good reason – they work! Even if you don’t do much more than kettlebell swings, which is arguably the most foundational kettlebell movement to master, you can expect to see gains in power, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

  1.     Suspension Straps

Image result for home fitness equipmentSuspension straps are an effective way to use body weight to build whole-body strength. Use them for exercises like chest flies, rows, planks, and more. Look for a suspension system that is designed to make it easy for straps to go directly over a door. That way, the straps can be set up quickly and can even be taken on the road.

  1.     Exercise Ball

Exercise balls can be especially good for low-impact workouts that engage the core, enhance flexibility, and promote spine health. If you’re looking for a way to improve your posture while more regularly engaging your core, consider using an exercise ball in place of an office chair.

  1.     Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great addition to anyone’s fitness equipment. Using more challenging bands can be an effective method for building strength in healthy athletes, while lighter resistance bands work well for injury recovery.

  1.     Ab Wheel

Used correctly, ab wheels can help you build an enviable midsection. Simply roll the wheel out as far as your core permits, and then pull the wheel back, focusing on keeping the core engaged while avoiding excessive use of the arms and back.

  1.     Push Up Bars

Push up bars resemble handles that you place on the floor, which you grip as you complete push ups. Since they elevate you a bit, you can get a greater range of motion for each repetition. They can also be useful for mastering more advanced body-weight exercises like planches and L-sits.

Not all strength-training goals require trips to the gym. If you invest in these pieces of fitness equipment, learn to use them correctly, and use them often, you’re sure to see a lot of progress.