Get Fit

Are you getting at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week? That’s the amount the Centers for Disease Control recommends for heart health. That may sound like a lot, but you can fit it in by doing 30 minutes a day and still have the weekends off. Still, there are people who say they simply can’t find the time to do a full 30 minutes every day. That’s no longer a good excuse.

Image result for workoutResearch shows that you can get the benefits of exercise with sessions as short as 10 minutes. In other words, three 10-minute sessions daily can be just as effective as one 30-minute one. In fact, it may have even greater health benefits, at least when it comes to controlling your blood pressure and improving the health of your heart.

In a study carried out at Arizona State University, researchers found that three 10-minute aerobic exercise sessions a day lowered blood pressure more than a sustained 30-minute one. The participants simply walked at a brisk pace for 10 minutes three times a day to get the benefits. Most people, no matter how busy can find the time to walk briskly for 10 minutes at a stretch. Short exercise sessions like these can improve your aerobic capacity or your heart’s ability to pump oxygen to tissues. Pumping up your activity level several times a day also helps with weight control since each session kicks your metabolism out of “sleep” mode.